What is ClefTutor?

Music Reading App

ClefTutor is an educational music app designed to improve your music reading and music theory skills.

ClefTutor was created by a music teacher to teach you about reading notes on the staff, keys and key signatures. The app contains many lessons and quizzes to test and strengthen your knowledge.

ClefTutor is now available for Android phones and tablets and for Apple iPhone and iPad.

Easy to Advanced

ClefTutor will grow with you as your musicianship grows. Beginners can start out simply learning a few notes of one clef at a time. As you advance, you can challenge yourself with multiple clefs, key signatures, and identifying solfège syllables or scale degrees.

The quizzes in ClefTutor drill you on the four common clefs in music: Treble Clef, Bass Clef, Alto Clef and Tenor Clef. You can work on one clef at a time, or randomly alternate between any combination of the four clefs.

Designed Right

ClefTutor is smart. Unlike similar apps, the ClefTutor app quizzes you the same way you read music—with key signatures. You will learn all 15 key signatures, and learn to recognize the notes within them.