ClefTutor Features

Key Features:

  • Music theory lessons written by a veteran music teacher.
  • Clef Quizzes—learn to quickly identify any note on the staff in any key.
  • Key Signature Quizzes—practice recognizing all 30 major and minor key signatures.

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ClefTutor Tutorials

Music Theory Tutorials

The ClefTutor App contains a number of clear and straight-forward music theory tutorials written by a professional music teacher.

Learn about the musical alphabet, the staff, clefs, the notes on treble, bass, alto and tenor clefs, keys, the circle of 5ths and more all in easy-to-understand lessons.

It's great to learn or review music theory anywhere you are.

Clef Quizzes

After you've learned a few things from the ClefTutor tutorials, it's time to test your knowledge. ClefTutor has fun quizzes which test your memory of the notes on each clef and in all key signatures.

With a little daily practice, you'll see a lot of progress.

The 31 clef quiz levels will take you from knowing none of the notes to knowing them all in every key.

Key Signature Quizzes

Learn to recognize all 30 major and minor key signatures instantly. ClefTutor has 14 key quiz levels. Start with 3 keys and progress through all 30.

Settings and Options

Music Notes App Settings

ClefTutor is simple enough for beginners, but it has many advanced options, too. As your knowledge grows, you can pick more challenging settings.

  • Answer with Buttons, a One-Octave Piano, or a full 88-Key Piano (great on tablets!).
  • Many answer options using note names, solfege syllables, scale degrees, fixed DO or a plain piano keyboard.
  • Focuses on specific ranges of the staff—only lines, only spaces, upper ledger lines, etc—so you can focus on your weaknesses.
  • Customize the range of each clef to suit your instrument.
  • Up to 6 ledger lines above and below the staff. You choose how high or low you go!
  • Hear the notes as you answer them.
  • Track your progress. Each quiz you take is tracked. See your improvement over time with charts and statistics.
  • Track how much you practice. For best results, you should practice a little each day.
  • Email your daily stats to your teacher.
  • Track up to 4 users. Let the whole family practice, or keep several different settings for yourself.