ClefTutor Music Reading App Screenshots

Below are some screenshots showing the features of the ClefTutor Music Reading app.

Notes of the Clef Quiz Screen

Tap the correct note name to answer! ClefTutor helps you learn the notes on the staff. You can work on treble clef, bass clef, alto clef, tenor clef, or any combination of clefs.

ClefTutor Quiz

Answer with Solfège Syllables or Scale Degrees

Practice identifying the solfège syllables or scale degrees in all keys. Practice one key at a time, or let ClefTutor challenge you by randomly selecting keys.

Answer with Solfege Syllables

Scale Degree Quiz

Many Levels of Clef Quizzes

ClefTutor has multiple levels from the easiest to very difficult. Focus on the staff, ledger lines, particular key signatures, or different combinations.

Clef Quiz Levels

Key Signature Quizzes

Every musician needs to be able to identify major and minor key signatures. Practice identifying all 30 major and minor key signatures.

Key Signature Quiz

Key Signature Levels

Clef and Key Signature Quiz Scores

The ClefTutor app scores you on how fast and accurately you can identify the notes on the staff and key signatures.

Clef Quiz Scores

Clef Quiz Scores

Watch Your Progress with ClefTutor's Statistics and Charts

ClefTutor keeps track of your scores and shows you your progress and how much you are practicing. You can even email or tweet your daily scores.

Note Name Progress Statistics

Music Theory Tutorials

If you don't know your music fundamentals or want to review them, the ClefTutor app contains a number of clearly-explained music lessons. The music tutorials cover the musical alphabet, the notes of the staff for each clef, keys and the circle of 5ths, and a lot more. Study the basics of music anywhere you have your smartphone or tablet.

Learn Music Theory

List of Music Theory Lessons